Little Giant Ladders

No other ladder compares. With Little Giant Ladders you'll enjoy the strengths of traditional A-frame ladders, extension ladders, stepladders and even scaffolding, all in one convenient package. And because it does so much, so well for so long, the Little Giant is completely cost-effective.

Satisfied customers have told us again and again that against other ladders: "Overall, the Little Ladders are far superior to other is design and construction."

Customers also commented on the Little Giant's cost efficiency: "The ladders are of sufficient structural quality to reduce inventory turnover to less than 10%." They went on to say: "Lost time due to inappropriate ladder selection at job sites was reduced 54%, where the Little Giant was used rather than conventional ladders."

Little Giant cuts equipment costs

The Little Giant is no slouch when it comes to reducing equipment expenditures. The fact that it replaces eight pieces of equipment is testament to that. In monetary terms it would take nearly 600 to replace the capabilities of the Little Giant (excluding accessories). Even then you would still lack the versatility, durability and storage benefits.

Look beyond these obvious savings

Countless man-hours are wasted due to incomplete equipment inventory. Hours are lost due to improper job site application and selection. Think how much time is lost when a worker continually returns to his van or stores in search of the ladders that would always be at hand if he was using a Little Giant.

Perhaps the primary reason for the Little Giant's cost efficiency is its strength.

Its strength is its strength

Independent tests have proved this extraordinary point: The Little Giant ladder system is four to five times more durable than typical ladders. Here's why: The Little Giant is made of heavy-wall aluminium. While the Little Giant ladders system possesses a workload capacity of 150kg, it has been tested to withstand four times that amount, without structural failure.

Bottom line - it's the safest portable ladder available, regardless of cost.

Little Giant Ladder Features

Toughest Locking Hinge

Little Giant Ladder HingeThe 3 pin locking hinge mechanism is the strongest part of the ladder.



Rock Solid Locking Mechanism

Little Giant Ladder HingeSimply lock the ladder at the height you need to work from.



Multiple Sizes

Little Giant Ladder HingeLittle Giant Ladders come in a number of height configurations.



Multiple Configurations

Little Giant Ladder Hinge24 ladders in one. Save buying multiple ladders, chose a Little Giant instead.



Easy to Transport

Little Giant Ladder HingeTip n Glide wheels on most ladders make these the easiest to move and transport.



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