Little Giant Ladder Select Step

Little Giant Ladder ProThe heavy duty yet lightweight Select Step is a three, four, five, and six-tread stepladder, and is the only stepladder that can be safely used on stairs and sloping ground.

No matter how you set it up, the patent-pending Select Step provides a comfortable standing platform, and the optional AirDeck utility tray and handrail (shown above but not included) makes standing at the top of the Select Step feel as good as standing on solid ground.







Little Giant Ladder Select Step  Little Giant Ladder Select Step  Little Giant Ladder Select Step Little Giant Ladders UK Brochure





LG Select Step Video

LG Specifications

Little Giant Dimensions

DescriptionStep HeightExtended LengthTrestle HeightStored HeightOverall WidthWeight
3-Rung Classic0.95-1.48m1.92-3.04m0.95m1.09m0.61m12kg
4-Rung Classic1.22-2.01m2.48-4.16m1.22m1.28m0.62m16kg
5-Rung Classic1.48-2.46m3.05-5.21m1.48m1.56m0.7m19kg


Little Giant Accessories

LG AirDeck™

LG AirDeck™The AirDeck™ features a multi-use tray for tools and materials and a safety handrail for extra stability. With the AirDeck™, you can use the full recommended height of your ladder in comfort and safety.

LG Ladder Lock

LG Ladder LockSecure your Little Giant Ladder with the Ladder Lock, built with high-strength steel and nylon laminate.



LG Ladder Rack

LG Ladder RackThe Little Giant Ladder Rack is perfect for getting your Little Giant Ladder up and out of the way when not in use. Specifically designed for your Little Giant Ladder, each Ladder Rack includes a heavy-duty mounting plate with steel hanging brackets.

LG Fuel Tank

LG Fuel TankThe Little Giant Fuel Tank features a convenient carrying handle and a stand-alone base that allows you to use the Fuel Tank as a regular paint bucket. There is even a magnetic brush holder to keep your paintbrush exactly where you need it.


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